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Litter V

Litter V

1 week old

On April 7th 2015 the first litter of Shaken not Stirred came to this world. The litter is formed by two Black and White girls, one Black and White boy and one Slate Merle Boy!

We will be adding more photos and videos as the time goes by so keep in touch!

Blue Sky

ISDS 293305 / (FCI) 15446/07

Luck Forever Able Nescuike Smile


Sky herding
Flying Toti

Born in February 18th 2010, Sky is son of Astra Fox and Astra Zena. He is a great tempered dog with an incredible off button that normally pass on to his off springs. He enjoys working and also to be with people. We believe that his character is a great attribute that will pass to the off springs. On the physical side, Sky is a beautiful slate merle. He is tested free of CEA/CH, CPRA, CL and TNS, and has a B hip score and a rating of 110,37% in the Norwegian Kennel Klub hip score database. This rating is calculated taking into consideration the hip scores of his parents and offsprings, therefore having a rating of over 100% makes him a great stud dog.

Sky has completed the Herding Level 1 in Norway with 72 out of 100 points!

Sky and Toti mated on the fisrt week of February so we are expecting puppies for the fisrt week of April. If you are interested in becoming part of our world, please fill out this form and send it via email:


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1.) Will this be your first ever dog or first Border Collie?

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4.) Do you have any preference in sex / color?

5.) Describe YOUR ideal temperament of dog for you and why?

6.) List all activities you are/might be interested in pursuing with your puppy.

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