Sport border colllies


Grot was born in Feb 7th 2012 in the TeamTempo kennel of Warsaw, Poland. Son of Lula of TeamTempo and Obedience Norwegian Champion Pluto, Grot is a very special member of our family.

I can only describe his character at home as the best possible one. He is calm, quiet and friendlier than any dog I have seen.

His love to be around people is so extraordinary that it is almost impossible not to notice his joy when you are with him.

We started training a obedience when he was a puppy, and even tough he was very good, I just could not wait to start doing some agility.

When the time came, we started training Agility and what a surprise.. he was a very difficult dog to train! My lack of experience and his willingness to run was a bad combination.

Happily, all the work seems to be paying out and I think we will be ready to start competing March this year.

I will keep posted our advance because I have big expectations!!

Grot Agi1
Grot Agi2